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About the Clerk & Recorder's Office

The Clerk & Recorders office administers elections, manages the DMVs, and oversees the Recorder’s office where important documents are filed and stored for public access. 

My Committment to You

My name is Karen Hoopes, and I am running to be your next Adams County Clerk & Recorder. I want to use my extensive experience in business, public service, and process re-engineering to deliver exceptional services to Adams County citizens and businesses.

My committment to you is to deliver:

  • Elections that are transparent, secure, and accurately recorded
  • DMV services that are open, accessible and convenient with shorter wait times
  • Recorder’s office that delivers exceptional services that are efficient, timely, and accurate. 

You Deserve Better!

Adams County citizens deserve an effective leader who represents ALL citizens. The position should be non-partisan and should not be used as a steppingstone into a higher political office.

I decided to run when no other candidate stepped up to run against the incumbent for this important office. I am running to serve the citizens of Adams County, and for no other reason.  I have no plans to run for any other elected office in the future.

What I Will Do 


  • On day 1, I will conduct a best practice, rigorous end- to-end review of our Adams County election procedures to identify and fix any potential vulnerabilities.
  • I will work to improve transparency at the drop boxes by providing citizens with live access to the ballot drop box cameras for each location linked from the Internet.
  • I will provide public online access to paper ballot images immediately following elections, while protecting the privacy of citizens.
  •  I will encourage participation in our elections through voter registration drives, voter turnout campaigns, encouraging volunteer participation in an election worker role, voter education and community engagement with citizens, businesses, and schools.   

  • I will always be ethical and operate within the law. Where election laws or rules reduce transparency and security or result in the inaccurate recording of votes in our elections, I will advocate for change through the proper legal, legislative, and industry association channels. 


  • I will conduct a time study and review current DMV customer traffic patterns to determine the timeframes of highest demand. I will adjust staffing levels for high traffic timeframes to increase capacity and shorten wait times.
  • I will work with the kiosk vendor to expand access to DMV services at new locations in the community where you shop.
  • With the passage of House Bill 22-1162, I will implement Digital number plates consistent with the law and rules established.

 Recorder’s Office

  •  I will complete the digitization of records for easy online access. 
  • I will engage businesses and citizen users in focus groups to identify areas where we can enhance, improve, and/or expand service offerings to meet the needs of our customers.  



Paid for by Karen Hoopes for Clerk and Recorder, Jeff Bernatow Registered Agent

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